Dating valco amps

Schematics get some of those cool old schematics from valco, fender, gibson, marshall, premier and more and do something great with ’em terry has hundreds of schematics, so drop him a line if you are looking for something specific and he will get back to you as soon as he can. Vintage supro/valco amps has 588 members this is a group for vintage supro/valco ect enthusiast. The amp was made in 1965 by valco it is all original with 2 jensen 12 speakers (both dating to 1965) and it still has the 2 prong power cable don't let the bass amp logo fool you.

In its heyday, the tube amps made by valco in chicago under the supro brand name were among the best sounding and top selling rigs on the planet these amps played a significant role in defining the sound of rock and roll music. The true point-to-point in that amp reminds me of other small valco amps i have seen who needs eyelet or turret board if the field coil speaker still sounds ok, use it. Made by valco, this 5-8 watt tube amp can really wail this amp uses a single 6v6 power tube, a 5y3 rectifier and four 12ax7s to put out 5-8 w through a 10 jensen speaker the amp is in very good condition with new tubes & a standard 3-prong cord installed. Fender date codes date code: most fender wide panel tweed, narrow panel tweed, brown, blonde, and blackface amps will have a date code hand-stamped on the tube chart and sometimes on the chassis as well this date code consists of two letters.

This video features a nearly mint 1964 montgomery ward's airline model 62-9012a amp that was originally made by danelectro (note: this circuit is also used in the silvertone model 1471. Dating valco amps | an ideal but 08 percent of people have after dating for a set up cams and the other dating valco amps | we are penn state university of texas, san antonio, usually camisa dry 100% poliéster. More valco amp love national val-trem (huge photos) discussion in 'amps and cabs' started by leonc, aug 28, 2013. Pretty much all valco-built amps sound similar, in the sense that classic fenders, marshalls or magnatones have an identifiable sound the current gretsch amps are made by victoria and consequently sound a lot like fenders. And they're starting to command stupid money i'd learn to build an amp, the little 5 watt valco/supro amps and such are simple circuits not any more difficult than putting a pedal together, aside from some reading you'd need to do on how to not kill yourself in the process.

Premier amplifiers - model 60 and 160 club base (1882) carlos colina and the straight up blues band (12 of 128) (1521) carlos colina and the straight up blues band (6 of 128) (1365. Terry dodds may help, he’s a great source of knowledge about valcohave a search for his site and include ‘valco amps’ 8 kap'n 7 months ago 6l6g or 6l6ga would probably date it to postwar to early 50s. The amp has a serial number of t12543, which i just found here dating valco instruments, identifying it as a 1959 model share quote 9th january 2010.

My name is terry dobbs (aka “mr valco”), and i have been collecting, repairing and restoring tube amps for 26 years and have owned or repaired just about any amp you can think of including: fender tweed, blackface and silverface, nearly any valco built amp ever made including national dobro, ampeg, gibson, guild, hiwatt, marshall, sound city, magnatone silvertone danelectro you name it and i’ve probably owned one, played one or had one on my bench for repair. As these amps went through a variety of incarnations, i imagine the dating will be tough it's daphne blue with the single volume knob uses 1 (12ax7) 1 (6v6) and 1 (5y3. Manufactured in chicago from 1935 to 1968, supro amplifiers and guitars can be heard on landmark recordings by iconic artists such as led zeppelin, the rolling stones and david bowie revived in 2013, supro now offers a curated range of vintage-inspired guitars, basses, tube amps and pedals that capture the legendary supro sound. Valco amp | the place to be when you've got a valco, or just valco amp - the place to be nearly any valco built amp ever made including national dobro, ampeg, gibson repair or tweaking is always guitar tested to. We do know this much: before there was valco, there was the national stringed instrument corp, a california-based manufacturer of resonator guitars dating back to the ’20s, and the dobro manufacturing co national created steel-bodied guitars, notably the “tri-cone,” which used three resonating metal cones to amplify the sound, and the “biscuit,” which featured a single resonating cone.

Dating valco amps

Dating orange amps - if you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this article is for you is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. National, valco, supro amplifier products note the use of 550 as a source code on these products actually, it's not a source code but is a manufacturers code for all national, valco, supro products. They were budget amps, but heck dano were budget guitars and look how popular they are seems like anything old is expensive now just for the sake that its old just about anything with valco or supro or stuff like that is going have an inflated price for nostalgic reasons. About the beginning of the 1960s, valco had ceased production of most archtop models and revamped its amplifier line national amps now bore flashy chrome panels, and the largest ones quickly grew to accommodate two 12” speakers, plus effects like tremolo and reverb.

Vintage47amps 'classic 47 series' guitar & harp amplifiers are the most accurate & period correct valco style reproduction amplifiers being built today our amps are 100% hand built following the original schematic & construction techniques. Dickerson amplifers dickerson musical instrument company 1 established a production line of steel guitars and amplifiers in the late 1930's the sales strategy of the time was to steel guitars and amplifiers as a pair, but both were also available individually. Silvertone and harmony amplifier gallery (1567) sound projects lap steel and amp (1838) carlos colina and the straight up blues band (11 of 128) (1320) little charlie and the night cats (2142) a blues harp player's guide to amplifiers (5513) carlos colina and the straight up blues band (1474) carlos colina and the straight up blues band (80 of. From the looks of your amp the tube holes are way to big for the tubes in them and someone filled the holes in with metal or something you have a frankenamp and the best way to get a schematic is to open it up and trace out the circuit, which would not be to difficult since most tube amps usually have simple circuits.

I talked to him once before on the phone, maybe three years ago, about the 185-style circuit, and he was super nice, though at the time he was focused solely on the valco circuits i'm gonna give him a call monday afternoon to say hello. In this video, we evaluate three classic valco amps, all dating from the year 1960 they are: gretsch model 6150, gretsch model 6151, and a supro model 1614 spectator.

Dating valco amps
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